Facebook Is Blocking My Website

The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe

I have been battling Facebook’s security system which keeps giving me the message above every time I try to link to my website. Although it has improved from the previous one I had which basically said that my site was blocked because of being “spammy”.

Now, I do have to come clean about the history of my website. This website was established a while back and basically ignored for about a year. I did not have any security in place and did not update WordPress during that time nor did I follow any real security measures to protect myself. Bad move!

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Using Free WordPress Themes – Caution!


Free WordPress Themes - Danger!Ahh yes! You have your new WordPress installation all done and now you want to look for some good free WordPress themes that you can use to really spark up your site.

Then when you install your “Free” theme you see some crappy links at the bottom of your site in the footer.  Usually spammy type links. So, if you like to dabble in code, you’ll very simply go to footer.php in your favorite HTML editor and delete the offending code. But wait! What is that unreadable code? Is it encrypted? Nope, it’s obfuscated.

I’m no coding expert but I can get by with what I do know. Obfuscated code is simply just that, obfuscated, meaning that it is rendered unreadable by you but readable by your browser for the most part. Take a closer look at the code below… (click to enlarge)

Obfuscated Code Sample

What they are doing by obfuscating their code is essentially “hiding” crappy, spammy or malicious code in your “Free” WordPress theme files. Some of it is harmless and some not so harmless. As I explain in the video, I’ve had the code actually Shut Down my shared server!!

Yep, had to contact support to restart my server and have them remove the offending “theme” so I could continue to work on my site. What a pain in the you know what!

Please watch the video I made about what to look for and where. Believe me, you’ll want to see this…


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Conversion Phoenix – A Where’s Waldo Mystery

Conversion PhoenixThis post is going to be a bit of a story, a mystery and hopefully a bit amusing.

Back in November of 2011 there was a WSO I purchased which I thought was a really cool product to help you with conversions. Hence the name, Conversion Phoenix.

A Great Concept

The fact is most people have become very weary of the pop-ups, slide ins, exit splash pages and whatever else marketers use to grab your attention and try to make a sale by “getting in your face”. The Conversion Phoenix method is gentler and really pretty simple, use a timed “reveal” method that uncovers a bit of HTML or banner code at a specific area of your posts or pages using a shortcode.

The idea being that you are not rudely interrupted by something that “pops” or “slides” in front of you but instead it slowly “reveals ” itself  right at the location you want it to appear.

Note text
[gn_note color=”#f4f5f5″]There is a demo at the bottom of this post. The timer for the slide-in starts only when you are actually at the bottom of the post and your eyes are there.[/gn_note]

Great concept, except for one thing! The website disappeared, there is no more (if there ever was) support and I have tried a few times with no success, e-mailing the marketer and supposed owner of this product.

It seems as though the whole project has been abandoned, which is really a shame since it really has a lot of potential.

So far the only 2 people I found that are (or were!) involved with this plugin is James B. Allen and Craig Dewe. The fun and the mystery will follow the video below.

This is the sales video from YouTube so you can see how it all works. Yes, it’s still up and running! Check it out… Read more »

The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

Joost de Valk - Creator of The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

Joost de Valk – Developer

My Thoughts On The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

Now, it’s a pretty bold statement calling this the Best SEO plugin for WordPress! Many may have a different SEO plugin that they like such as the All In One or possibly Headspace. I’ve tried those two by the way and I do like them but, for a marketer I would like to tell you why I feel this one is the best.

For one, it handles more than just your title,  meta and description tags. This plugin is actually a couple of plugins in one, helping you keep your plugin count down (Plugin “bloat” can slow your site down) which increases your site load time. This is now an important quality check by Google.

This SEO plugin is developed by a gentleman named Joost de Valk, whose website, Yoast.com, is really worth visiting! It also looks like he keeps his WordPress plugins up to date which is very important. I would recommend that you check out his website.

His WordPress plugins are what I would call, intelligent!

When you search for the plugin through your admin dashboard use the keyword: WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the cool features of this SEO Plugin…

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Getting Started With Internet Marketing

When you are first getting started with internet marketing you may want to ask yourself a few questions before you dive in:

  • Do I have the skills necessary to do this?
  • If not, am I willing to learn some simple practical skills?
  • Can I keep myself motivated to follow through and take action?
  • Can I manage my time to be productive?
  • Am I willing to work hard and put in some sweat equity? (Especially in the beginning!)

These are just a few, I could go on and on but this is a good amount so as to not be too overwhelming.Getting Started With Internet Marketing Okay, let’s take a look at these bullet points and figure out if this is a business you are interested in getting involved with.

The reason I am asking is, a lot of people have the misconception that this is push button easy if I can find the right push button software. Not so. Although I think I am seeing a trend of people who have wised up and are starting to understand the real concept of building a sustainable internet business that has to be treated as such. A business…
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Free Sales Page Graphics Generator

Just a quick post about an online tool suite to help you build sales and squeeze pages for your website. I can’t quite remember who sent me this link but this is one useful and free set of tools you can use to help you build your pages. It’s a free sales page graphics generator that is browser based and simple to use.

The site is sponsored by Mark Hess, a fellow marketer who I personally have not heard much about. But I do have to tell you, he really is giving back to the internet marketing community with this little treasure! Read more »

Welcome To My Marketing Blog!

Yeah, that's me!Let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Hegner and I have been doing Internet Marketing more or less as a hobby and not as my main source of income over the past few years, but I have proven to myself that I can make money online. I was just not too serious about making it a full time business, Until Now!

Why the change of heart? Because I love it! And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know why I didn’t just jump in and go full tilt when I started. I do make money online and now I want to show you what I know and what I have learned so you can do the same. Only now, I’m going Full Tilt and I want you to come along for the ride! Will you join me?

Rob Hegner